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FAM Recording Studio is available for rent to everyone! 
Come book a session with our elite engineers who engineer for your favorite artists. 
You can book our elite engineers at an affordable rate of $30/hr. 

Contact the studio for daily and monthly specials for the studio.

213  267  2102

672 S La Fayette Park Place Los Angeles, CA 90057

Step into a mesmerizing realm where dreams come alive. Welcome to The Cloud Room, where soaring 18-foot ceilings adorned with ethereal clouds set the stage for your artistic journey. Equipped with cutting-edge gear favored by industry elites, this is where your music ascends to new heights.


Step into a timeless sanctuary inspired by the legendary jazz bar lounges of old. Welcome to Onyx Room, where the atmosphere oozes with an electrifying aura. Immerse yourself in the presence of music icons as their larger-than-life 8-foot portraits grace the walls, featuring legends like The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Led Zeppelin, Tupac, Biggie, and more. Let their spirits fuel your creativity and transport you to a realm where musical greatness knows no bounds.


Welcome to Vibe Room, where every element exudes a captivating energy. Experience the unique ambiance created by our mini clouds, casting a dreamy atmosphere that embraces your senses. Surrounded by fellow contemporary artists, you'll be enveloped in a collective wave of creative energy. Get ready to immerse yourself in the ultimate vibe experience.

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